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Tea Leaf Center Network Member

This membership is for access to our online training platform, network site, and forums. This is for individual users only. You will be able to use our learning platform, connect and collaborate directly with other network members. Our goal is to build a network of dedicated, well trained researchers that we and other organizations can contact for short term projects in the future. Those in our network will have access to job posting and short term project announcements before they are announced on social media.

If you represent an organization, please sign-up for the organization network membership.

Organization Network Membership

The Organization Network Memberships are for those representing CBOs, NGOs, or other organizations. This membership level is helpful if you wish to find researchers in your region that have completed trainings with the Tea Leaf Center. You will have access to specific forums to post research announcements, be able to view network members for direct communication and have access to our instructor portal to upload curriculum once it has been approved by the Tea Leaf Center.

Note: This membership account is a free trial account. This account will remain free until June 2022. All Organization Network Memberships will be required to signup for the new membership at that point. The cost expected cost will be 300THB (10USD) per month for continued access.