Our Model

Our Model

Our model combines income generation to fund pro-bono (FREE) research assistance. We generate income from providing research support; monitoring, evaluation, and learning projects (MEL); and paid-for trainings such as research mentorships, on-demand trainings, writing courses, and other training. This go towards our core fund which is used to cover salary, overhead, pro-bono support, writing course scholarships, discussion events and panels, and academic conference assistance to CBOs engaging with the academic writing.

…So, how does this work?

The majority of our trainings and some research support are conducted at low or no cost. This is only possible because we work on a sliding scale where organizations that can afford our trainings pay full price knowing that we use this income to support free or low cost support for organizations and communities in need.




Research support & MEL projects




3 %






Where does it go?

  • free research support,
  • writing course scholarships,
  • discussion events and panels,
  • academic conference assistance,
  • staff salary,
  • and overhead,

Allocation of days worked on projects

In 2020, the Tea Leaf Center was able to provide research support as well as low cost or free trainings estimated at more than $27,000 USD. That is more than a quarter of our training and research provided for free to build the capacity of local organizations and peoples.


Pro bono or reduced cost


Full cost days worked