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LEAF network call for applications

Join the LEAF Network roster to collaborate with a diverse set of like-minded colleagues and empower local researchers!

1. About the LEAF Network:

The LEAF Network is a hub for experts in Southeast Asia to collaborate on research, training, and learning opportunities. The LEAF Network members are united in their mission to learn from each other and support locally-led research in a collaborative and empowering environment.

LEAF stands for Learning, Empowering, Amplifying and Facilitating, which represent the core activities and values of the network. We learn from and empower each other, amplify each others’ work, and facilitate better connection and communication between researchers in Southeast Asia.

The LEAF Network is housed under the Tea Leaf Center, a regionally-based social enterprise research and training firm. The Tea Leaf Center’s focus is on fostering local research excellence, offering customized training and research assistance. The Tea Leaf Center has supported research and evaluations for local and international NGOs as well as research consulting and training in diverse fields including land rights, resource management, human rights, and public health.

The Tea Leaf Center’s work spans three areas, all of which LEAF Network members can participate in:

  1. Capacity Building: Enhancing research capabilities of local organizations mentorship and training activities.
  2. Research: Conducting research to inform practice and policy on crucial issues in Southeast Asia, including the environment and sustainability, human rights and justice, migration, education and humanitarian and development work.
  3. Connecting Researchers: Events to build dialogue and connections between researchers of diverse backgrounds, including in-person and online panels and discussion events.

2. Benefits of Joining:

  • Remain an independent agent with access to a diverse network.
  • Be eligible to be hired on research or training projects, according to your skills and expertise.
  • Host projects through the Tea Leaf Center, which can provide legal, administrative and management support.
  • Share your expertise and learn from others through discussion events, network meetings and other opportunities for exchange.
  • Connect with peers to find new collaborations or build research teams.
  • Learn about and collaborate on research in other fields and contexts.
  • Gain access to network-only skills-sharing and training opportunities.
  • Get exposed to new trends and developments in research.
  • Contribute your insights to new and innovative research and the strategic development of the Tea Leaf Center.

3. Qualifications:

  • Expertise in a relevant field such as environment and sustainability, human rights and justice, migration, education and humanitarian and development work.
  • Demonstrated experience working in training and/or research, data collection, analysis, writing or other related skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to work with diverse teams.
  • Strong commitment to empowering young researchers.
  • Ability to work/train in a regional language (preferred)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft suite or Google suite  

4. Your contribution to the LEAF Network:

  • Voluntary participation in network meetings, skills-sharing opportunities and other events.
  • Voluntary contribution to pro bono trainings and other work for small, local organizations.
  • Projects hosted by the Tea Leaf Center must include overhead and management costs for the Tea Leaf Center in the project budget.

5. Membership Duration: Initial term: 1 year

6. Apply: Send an email to with subject: “LEAF Network Application – [Your Name]

  • CV highlighting experience.
  • Submit a brief statement (no more than 1 page) on why you are interested, including whether you are interested in being considered as a trainer and/or researcher.

7. Selection: Applications will be reviewed by the Tea Leaf Center selection committee. Candidates applying for training consideration may be required to give a skills demonstration.

8. Contact: For questions or LEAF Network details, contact

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