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  • Who Are We Protecting?

    *By an anonymous PhD student In November last year, a British PhD student – Matthew Hedges – was arrested and sentenced to life in prison, accused of spying for the British government while on a research trip in the UAE. Though he was pardoned and released a week later, the incident managed to stoke the […]

  • Researching While Female

    I had one of my most interesting conversations about consciously manipulating gender expectations in 2015 during a research trip with a colleague.  Over terrible coffee and hotel-buffet mohinga, my colleague, a fierce Kachin woman, was telling me about how she chose her clothes for an interview based on what she wanted to convey. She wore […]

  • Innovation: GREAT, but I have to ask…

    Innovation pushes the bounds of human capability. Technology such as medical devices, communication software and applications of new methods and new techniques help us to understand the world around us. Bright and shiny is what the world of research often seems to want. In recent years, field research in Southeast Asia has seen a steady […]

  • Who Researches Matters

    I was scrolling Twitter last week, and came across a tweet that I instantly agreed with – “Support for ethnic armed group service provision will aid federalism, say researchers.” Great! I thought. The message is finally getting through. I clicked on the link to see what report managed to get this message into headlines – […]