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    Deadline: ASAP, no later than 16 June Start Date: August 2024 Applications will be considered when received and the position may be filled before the deadline The Tea Leaf Center The Tea Leaf Center Co., Ltd. is a social enterprise research and training consulting firm based in Thailand. We support locally-led research by providing tailored…

  • Learning Paper

    LEARNING PAPER Lessons from Co-Creation of a Platform for Women in Water Governance in the Mekong Region

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    LEAF network call for applications Join the LEAF Network roster to collaborate with a diverse set of like-minded colleagues and empower local researchers! 1. About the LEAF Network: The LEAF Network is a hub for experts in Southeast Asia to collaborate on research, training, and learning opportunities. The LEAF Network members are united in their…

  • Feminist Research

    Feminist Research

    Southeast Asia Research Dialogues This was our first event in the SEA Research Dialogue series. This event used a hybrid format to host a virtual panel and brought together a community of researchers and practitioners in Mae Sot and Chiang Mai for in-person discussions. The panelists are researchers who employ a feminist methodology or conduct/support…



    “Do not enter.” By: Psyche The Myanmar military often posts this sign on land that they have forcefully appropriated from local owners and residents. Ethnic minorities of Myanmar in particular have suffered lost rights to their ancestral lands due to these unjust land grabs. Inspired by Andrew Wyeth (Christina’s World, 1948) See Psyche’s article at…

  • Hoping for Federalism: An Ethnic Perspective

    Hoping for Federalism: An Ethnic Perspective

    Last week in Thanphyuyat, I was stopped at the toll gate. The soldier there confiscated and checked my phone. I’m used to soldiers checking things: It reminded me of when they checked my ID in Rakhine State. But there’s a feeling of numb panic when someone checks your phone during a military coup. As an…

  • A Hero of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

    A Hero of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

    While I am having Kyatayo(Thai noodles) at a papaya salad shop, I am reading the news of Myanmar protests and lethal crackdowns by Min Aung Hlaing’s military government in major cities and towns.

  • Coup

    VOICES FROM A COUP series: I write this in urgency, unsure of whether I will be stripped of my freedom and my life.  But if I were to vanish, I hope this piece will help other parts of the world.

  • Coup Government’s Coercive Mechanisms Meet the Voices of Protesters

    VOICES FROM A COUP series: General Min Aung Hlaing, head of the government installed by the coup, said conducting a coup was “inevitable” (Sai Wanna, 2021). The coup was conducted to take power from the re-elected government of Daw Aung San Su Kyi’s National League of Democracy Party due to the state of emergency (Myanmar…

  • Coup and Tatmadaw Party Nexus: Social Responses and Repercussions

    VOICES FROM A COUP series: The Burma/Myanmar military, Tatmadaw, has conducted four coups since 1958. The first coup was activated by the Tatmadaw leader, General Ne Win, in 1958 while U Nu, the head of Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League government (AFPFL), ruled the country.